Here are four very important tips to obtain the best results when using Safe Sea sunscreen:

  • Apply at least 30 minutes before exposure to sun or the first bath.
  • Spread the sunscreen generously over the whole body. The skin should be completely dry when applying the product.
  • Do not leave any areas unprotected: a jellyfish will discharge its stinging cells with the minimum of contact.
  • What quantity should be applied?To evaluate the effectiveness of a sunscreen’s SPF for any individual skin type, it should be tested, by applying 2mg/cm2 of product to the back. A typical adult, 1,70m tall needs approximately 30ml of sunscreen of appropiate SPf to complete body coverage. Less will not provide appropriate solar protection.
  • To ensure correct application we would recommend following the “7 Teaspoon Rule” created by dermatologist. This recommends applying a teaspoonful (of Safe Sea) to each of the seven parts of the body (i.e. legs, arms, torso, back & face):


Ingredients | safe sea lotion

Ingredients | safe sea lotion Safe Sea contains: Octinoxate Octisalate Oxybenzone Titanium Dioxide (SPF30+ for sensitive skin) Zinc Oxide (all othersunscreen varieties). It is PABA-free...

Where to Buy Safe Sea lotion?

Where to Buy Safe Sea lotion? Buy Safe Sea Products at our Official store : Please Check Our Store at Or Click on the image for more information Safe Sea Lotion Provides the best Protection against jellyfish stings and other stingers at sea....

Jellyfish in Cyprus

Jellyfish in Cyprus Jellyfish are common in Cyprus but they are not everywhere all of the time. Sometimes, in some locations, a large mass of jellyfish will “invade” the beach. Some jellyfish are harmless, others have a relatively mild sting, and some creatures look...

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