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The only sunscreen that protects your skin against jellyfish stings, keeping ocean lovers in the water and out of agony. Safe Sea’s unique formula combined with our sun-ray UVA/UVB SPF protection, Provides the Perfect solution for a day at the beach. stay safe with safe sea products.

clincly tested



Biodegradable and safe for marine life.


Double protection

The only sunscreen that protects from UVA/UVB and jellyfish stings.

Safe Sea® contains unique and patented ingredients that protect against jellyfish stings


The proprietary SafeSea formula is dermatologist tested to be hypo-allergenic, does not clog pores, and includes vitamins B and E to keep skin soft and hydrated, good for children and adults with sensitive skin.

safe sea

very water resistant

Safe Sea® is very water resistant and clinical tests show that most of the effective ingredients will last more time than other lotions.

uva/uvb protection

Laboratory testing proves Safe Sea® SPF and sting inhibitor protect its users from UVA/UVB Sun-Rays.

How Does Safe Sea Work?

Customer Reviews

If you or anyone you travel with is sensitive to “sea bather’s eruption,” which is an allergic reaction to the larvae of certain jellyfish, you know how aggravating it can be. (Red itchy rash, usually under the suit, after emerging from the ocean and rinsing in fresh water.) This stuff really works. My girlfriend was very sensitive to these stings, but when she used this in the Caribbean on repeated occasions she had no trouble at all. Definitely worth the investment. I only wish they’d sell it in 3 oz bottles rather than 4 so you could carry it on more easily.

A miracle worker

Thomas J. Quinn, AMAZON

We travel to the Gulf Coast of Florida (Clearwater/Tampa) several times each year and it never fails that I am always hit with an onslaught of sea lice. I can’t resist the call of the sea but then suffer on the verge of insanity for the next two weeks, covered in itchy welts. We just spent two days at the beach and I ended up with a total of 3-4 bites and they’re only mildly itchy. Definitely worth the price.

I can't recommend this highly enough.

Amy Irving, AMAZON

We were recently in St. John USVI. Many of the beaches there this Spring have been infested with stinging plankton (or sea lice). We used the Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish lotion along with a rash guard. I only got stung once on the palm of my hand and once on my toe while snorkeling. At one time, I snorkeled through an entire school of these tiny critters and was not stung. The one day that my friend did NOT use the lotion, she received multiple stings. I will use this product again when we go back to the Caribbean.

Great Product

Joshua Dimmig-Russell, AMAZON

Just worked great in Mexico during the busiest of Sea Lice seasons! Our whole group were free of any bites/rash from sea lice.

It works

Sandman, AMAZON

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