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If you or anyone you travel with is sensitive to “sea bather’s eruption,” which is an allergic reaction to the larvae of certain jellyfish, you know how aggravating it can be. (Red itchy rash, usually under the suit, after emerging from the ocean and rinsing in fresh water.) This stuff really works. My girlfriend was very sensitive to these stings, but when she used this in the Caribbean on repeated occasions she had no trouble at all. Definitely worth the investment. I only wish they’d sell it in 3 oz bottles rather than 4 so you could carry it on more easily.

A miracle worker

Thomas J. Quinn, AMAZON

We travel to the Gulf Coast of Florida (Clearwater/Tampa) several times each year and it never fails that I am always hit with an onslaught of sea lice. I can’t resist the call of the sea but then suffer on the verge of insanity for the next two weeks, covered in itchy welts. We just spent two days at the beach and I ended up with a total of 3-4 bites and they’re only mildly itchy. Definitely worth the price.

I can't recommend this highly enough.

Amy Irving, AMAZON